I love buying my Jeans at Vashi’s, Bangalore

I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog for a long time now. My job involves interacting with bloggers from all over the world with amazing writing skills. That, with my love for talking and communicating with people, seconded by my friends who have repeatedly told me that I market everything I love, has pushed me towards taking this little step towards a whole new world. I rave about everything I love!  I market every product I love, every novel web page I visit, every amazing store I shop from, every punctual flight I travel by, every welcoming new spot I tour around. I market every new article I have read and liked, every beauty tip I have learnt about, every service I use and love(be it a new cab service, a new tailor, or a good beauty parlour I have been going to for years). I guess it all comes from the urge to tell people what is good because I went through the grind of finding this something that’s so good or it’s just something I stumbled upon)  If I love what I have experienced, I like shouting from the rooftops and that way, more people will love what they experience. So, here I am, trying to write my first blog about something I love:

I love this place called Vashi’s Jean Shack in Bangalore. This has so far been the best place for me to pick up my pair of jeans. The store is located on Commercial Street and can be very easily missed. The best landmark is JEAN JOINT. So when you are walking up the one way, you will see a vertical board with JEAN JOINT written on it. Enter that small building which has a 2 feet hallway and Vashi’s is the second store on your left.

The first thing you will notice about Vashi’s is its wall. Painted all white, Vashi’s wall is filled with compliments and signatures from customers who have been visiting the store probably from its inception. A beautiful graffiti, the wall is sure to impress and entice you. You will either meet Mr. Vashi Lakhani himself or his son Tarun both amazing at the task of finding you the perfect jeans you want (I always walk into his store and say I am not sure what kinda jeans I want this time). In the last 10 years, I may have bought about 30-40 pair of jeans from Vashi’s and 99% of the time; I have tried just one or two jeans before deciding which one to pick up.

I am sure a lot of people will agree with me that finding the perfect pair of jeans is a very difficult job and inevitably, we always end up with only 2 or 3 pairs that fits us well. Vashi’s ensures you always find the best fit jeans at affordable prices. After I started shopping at Vashi’s I have not been brand conscious about jeans. I completely trust their judgement and am sure they are not here to take us for a ride. One pair of jeans would cost you anywhere between 700 to 2000 if it is unpopular brands and MRP if it is branded (Yes, he stores the likes of Levis, Pepe, Diesel, Spykar, D&G as well).

Even alteration is an easy process at Vashi’s. Pick up your pair of jeans, give them the exact measurement for the length of your jeans, take a walk on Commercials and come back to find it exactly how you wanted.

16 thoughts on “I love buying my Jeans at Vashi’s, Bangalore

  1. Good to see another person being blogged. Though I haven’t been to banglore for more than a day or so, it does sound interesting. Might ask my cousins to have a look, which am sure they already know of.

    Keep posting. Will follow the blog.

  2. Hey, thats a great start. Keep writing now and be regular. Looking forward to the know about the next thing that you love.

      1. Had been to vashi’s yesterday n believe me i found d perfect pair of jeans for d 1st tym in 24 yrs..i loved d staff der who wer kind enuf to help me choose the ryt one! A must visit for all the jean lovers out der!

  3. visited vashi’s today!! ws awesum!:) as mentioned,d walls caught my eye as soon as i enterd! vashi’s is gonna b my permanent jean shop frm nw!!

  4. i totally agree with you , I fell that everyone has only one perfect pair of go – to jeans , and once that pair reaches its end it takes a lot of bad buys to get the perfect one . . I am sailing on the same boat now , bought so many jeans , but unable to get the correct fit . . Hoping vashi’s will change this for me . . thanx for the blog

  5. Thanks ,Everything I love has been such a big boost to our store .
    Vashi’s Jean Shack is now Vashis House of Jeans and we’re moved to a larger space right behind metro shoes and next to Mysore Saree udyog.
    We start December 1st 14
    So come on by!

    1. You will not believe it Varun, but I have not bought a single pair of jeans ever since you guys shut shop. And, I don’t fit into my old pairs anymore. So, I have been in Indian or Palazzos mostly. You see, how much Vashis means to me 🙂

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