I Love Bollywood Music!

I love Bollywood Music 🙂

It started raining when my best friend and I started my bike (Activa is not a scooter) that was 2 days old. We decided to ride and head home anyways. After a while it was pouring cats and dogs. There were whirlpools at certain places but Shreya and I were oblivious to all of this as we were singing Rain Songs. The water level on Bangalore roads was rising and had reached about 2 feet at certain points but we did not care because we did not want to stop singing. Rim Jim Gire Saawan, Aaj Mausam Bada Baemaan Hai, Tip Tip Barsa Paani, Rim Jim Rim Jim, Saawan Ka Mahina.. Are you kidding? We could not stop that! We were about 3 kilometers away from home and at our singing best when my bike started sliding sideways in slow motion and we fell into a huge puddle of water. Thankfully it was right in front of a garage and the boys there helped us park our bike on the side and gave us chairs to sit. After all this we decided to wait till the water level subsided. We had time to kill. We decided to continue singing rain songs! Aankhon Se Tune Yeh Kya Kahe Diya, Koi Ladki Hai Jab Who Hasti Hai!

I was in 2nd PU (12th Standard) with absolutely no interest in taking notes in class. But I had to write. All my books were filled with Bollywood Songs. We would also carve songs on our wooden desks something we missed when we joined Jain College for our degree (Damn those laminated desks). One day, our lecturer started walking towards us while dictating notes and my friend Divya madly in love with Arvind was writing his name in her book for the 1000th time. I nudged her and she grabbed my book to hide his name. She turned the page to make sure it had some notes. It did not. It had Songs.. Pages and Pages of my favorite Bollywood numbers! Yes, we did get kicked out of class 🙂

We were organizing an amazing event in Manipal for the awesome Manipalites. After we finished work, we partied for a while and got back to our hotel room and started playing Antakshari. Our client v/s us. The younger ones sang for about 4 hours and when we almost ran out of songs, our bosses (in their 40s) started. I must say our client could hold fort for about 6 hours!!

Stories around Bollywood numbers are in thousands. When  I started this blog, I thought I could start off with a couple of stories. Now I realize it is so difficult to pick. Hence I have decided to share more stories. It should to a great extent explain how much I love Bollywood Music.

We started inventing games around Bollywood Songs. Write a stanza in English and guess the song, better still give the first and third line of a stanza in English and guess the song, something about saying it backwards too (unable to recall). When we look back at college days and work days(I am still working.. I am referring to work at my first workplace days), Bollywood Songs (And F.R.I.E.N.D.S of-course, next blog) is crux to most memories. All the long rides to various Dhabas, the chat sessions at our Adda, classroom fun, office parties, after event parties, our college trip to Gangtok and Darjeeling, all the Office trips to Goa, everything has a huge element called Bollywood Music embedded in it.

Songs have helped me get over heart breaks too! Well I don’t know if they have helped get over but they have definitely been companions. In those moments of long silence when you wish something is said, songs come to your rescue. There was a time when I would listen to Kaise Mujhe Tum Milgayi from Ghajini and wonder how a guy can feel this thankful about a girl and desperately wished this guy felt the same way too. It’s strange I have always loved songs which are from a guy’s perspective.

My knowledge when it comes to the singer, music director and sometimes even the movie is limited. I don’t care who sang the song. I just care about the words and the melody in it. A friend of mine disagrees, says it is important to know that too.. But for me as long as it is not Himesh Reshmiya who I have a bias against, any singer goes as long as he/she is good.

The lyrics of some of the songs are so good, I feel you are not doing justice to it if you don’t sing the whole song. So while playing Antakshari, I inevitably sing the whole song.

Auryn,  the amazing company I work for happened to me 7 months ago. During our first trip to Harihareshwar, about 15 of us started the favorite game of the nation while traveling – Antakshari. Slowly we drifted towards singing full songs. Eventually we stopped playing Antakshari and started singing theme based songs.  Let’s sing Kishore Kumar Songs, Patriotic Songs, Love Songs, Bhajans from movies, Regional Songs, Songs from the 90s. We sang for 5 hours non-stop. Something really strange happens when Neha, my colleague and I sing. We remember the exact same words from all the songs we know. Both of us would forget the same words and remember the next few!!

Singing Bollywood Songs (Now Kolaveri Di too) is probably our way of acknowledging each other. Recently I was in Dandeli and we were kayaking. A bunch of people who were rafting looked at us and started singing Kolaveri. Everyone around laughed and we all instantly knew each other 🙂 While walking in malls/busy streets if any song is blaring on the speakers, look around and you will inevitably catch 60-70% of the crowd singing.

What is with these songs anyways? Why do we love them so much? Any thoughts?


6 thoughts on “I Love Bollywood Music!

  1. Lovely post Vachana. Totally agree on a couple of points – Songs coming to rescue while heartbreaks and not knowing who sang or wrote the song?

    Reasons why we love the music may be that there are songs with which we feel the connect to, sometimes we just need a background music in our lives, sometimes we just say things through songs which we can’t say in speech, and so on.

  2. Nicely penned with beautiful memories. Loved the “sliding sideways in slow motion” bit. I was reading and imagining it in my head at the same time. 😀 🙂

  3. ye ye ye!! we finally have your Bollywood blog,I was longing for since forever now:).Nicely put up.
    Short and sweet enough to know your craze for bollywood music.A lot of nostalgy in there.lots more to say,but I think ill stop writing here and come over to your desk to discuss the rest of your blog with you in person. (singing full songs together shall go on)……..

  4. I agree with what you said about songs helping you to get over some heartaches. Even if not get over, they stay with you, as your companions… 🙂 Loved the thought, because I have been through that situation!! A lot! And I have found that songs always connect to my situation so well, and almost always, help me feel better. Great post!

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