Bhairavgad – A trek that was…

We have reached a point where we care no more about having a big group for these treks. Treks have become more of an addiction for us and hence, even if one or more are willing, the plan gets made. Here, we got my friend Anshul’s cousin Anubha to join us.

We were picked up at 12:00 AM from Tilak Road and driven in a tempo traveler to Moroshi (Near Pune, India). In spite of reaching Moroshi by 4:30AM we started the trek at around 6:30AM. Anand from Explorers (+919850502723) did not reveal the reason initially but later told us that a few naxalites were hiding in these forests and the cops were looking for them. If we entered the woods in the dark, they might mistake us for cops and attack. Hence we waited till the sunrise (Spooky eh)

And thus started the most strenuous trek till date – A test of patience, stamina, endurance and guts. Right from the beginning, the trek was proving to be difficult for me. I was really slow maybe one of the last in the group for the first half of the trek. You realize trekking is not a race. No one cares if you reached the peak first (at least I don’t). All one should care about is to head towards the goal. Anyways, I somehow managed to catch up with the groups at various pit stops and eventually started improving my speed. The climb was quite steep, sun playing a total spoilt sport the entire day. The panoramic view around the Bhairavgad was the only saving grace. There was one guy from Hungary and one from Japan in the trek who mingled with us really well. (Have you noticed, people here change their accent when they talk to foreigners? :p)

After almost 2 hours we spotted the huge rock we were about to climb. Take a look.

Bhairavgad Rock

Yes, we climbed that rock. It was a 90 degree climb from the left and it was thrilling. While the explorers set-up the safety gear, we tried to find some shade and rest. I found this awesome spot and slept.

The pleasures of life

And then began the exciting climb. As the rock was vertical, the climb was zigzag.

The rock

First, we climbed the rock finding grooves in the rock to give us the grip. Then we reached this small cave like place where the trekkers had left this huge nail drilled into the rock. We used that as a step to push ourselves up to the next turn. Then with a harness for protection, and a rope loop acting as a groove for one feet, we turned around – 180 degree to reach this patch of rock (Still absolutely no grip on the mountain. It’s the harness and the groove keeping us in the air)

The Air-turn


Slowly we had to stretch to reach this next level and pull ourselves up. A few steps up lead us to this rocky seat with some shade from 2 people only.

This is where it got a little creepy for me. I was the second one to reach this point. So, I told the other trekker that I will go to the top to see if we could find some shade. From here it was just steps so I thought it may not be difficult. After about 3 turns and maybe around 50 steps, I reached the peak and guess what – It was hotter. I decided to wait there. After 15 minutes and one fruit juice down, when I saw no signs of human beings around, I started to freak out. I was on top of this hill with absolutely no one around. The only way down was through these really scary steps.

Watch your step

I decided to walk down and all of a sudden I realized, the steps are not wide at all. One on side you have this mother of a rock and the other side is a 300 meters drop. Somehow, I crawled down (This has by far been the scariest part till date). If I had to walk down these stairs with company, I am sure I wouldn’t have freaked out so much.
The group took a long time to reach the pit stop and when they did, they decided to go to the peak and I decided to just sit there in shade. Anand and I chatted for a while about other mountains, treks and experiences. After about 30 minutes, we started the descend to the bottom of the rock and started our trek back at about 1:30 PM.
The next 2.5 hours were taxing. No food, scorching heat, no shade, dry path. After a couple of falls (something you get used to while trekking), a never ending walk and one apple we reached Moroshi. We hardly spoke to each other. We were all busy eating. If not for the sun, I believe this would have been a pleasant trek back.

After resting for a bit, we started our drive back to Pune. No one spoke for the next 4 hours. All the passengers were exhausted and we all tried to get a few moments of shut eyes.

Trek Details:
Date: Mar 4, 2012
Time: 6:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Place: Bhairavgad near Moroshi Taluk, Pune, India
Organisers: Explorers:  +919850502723

15 thoughts on “Bhairavgad – A trek that was…

  1. you just took me through the entire trek & for a moment i just feel like i am getting down of those rocky steps along the way you came down…
    Really Amazing!!!

  2. small cosy but very interesting account of this fantastic trekk….very nice pictures add to it…we are going there this Sunday!
    – Thanks for the share

  3. Hey, It was quite an exciting account of the trek. Just wanted to know what would be the basic safety equipment required for the above trek or can it be done without having any.

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