Kataldhar Waterfalls Trek

Yet another trek near Lonavla.. Yet another, where you descend first and then climb. But the pure pleasure of trekking in the monsoon was savored in this one. The stories about Kataldhar we had read about people losing their way here, some still missing, some found after a month and some who passed on made it more exciting. The forest way sure looked like paths less traveled and very easy to get lost in.

The almost 2 hour walk before from the Lonavla station to the Trek start point acting as a good warm up set the pace of the trek.

Almost 20 minutes into the forest and it started pouring. The trekkers gave a cheerful welcome to the rain. The large yellow crabs accompanied us throughout. Roots of trees acted as our support and stoppers at slippery areas. Ropes were laid down for spots which were considered a little dangerous.

The destination – Kataldhar Waterfalls, though not in its full form yet, was breathtaking.

Playing in the flowing water, swimming in the 20 feet deep pond, lunching amidst mountains, rocks and water were pure bliss and just when we thought we could maybe nap a bit, it started pouring again.

Girls led the way back climbing our way through the thick, slippery and steep forest stretch. With only a few pit stops on our way back, we hardly felt any fatigue. The rain definitely helped.  After reaching the start point, nature allowed us to click a few pics by sparing a few rainless minutes. What we did not anticipate was that the 2 hour walk would take its toll on us. Our toes ached, heels crying with pain and bruises on the skin because of staying in wet clothes for too long.

5 minutes before we reached the Lonavala station, it poured again, the heaviest rain of the day but we managed to sleep like babies on our way back 🙂

Trek Details:

Date: Jun 24, 2012
Time: 7AM PM to 7:00 PM
Place: Kataldhar, Lonavala, Maharashtra, India
Organisers: Explorers (9850507733)

7 thoughts on “Kataldhar Waterfalls Trek

    1. Hey, I inserted a map for you. Hope this helps. But, the exact point from where you start the descend cannot be found on the map and for that you may need the organiser’s help.

      1. Hey…Thanks for the map.:)
        So u guys must have started from tungarli…
        This is the same fall which we can see from Rajmachi, right…
        Thanks for the help, will get in contact with Anand, when I plan to visit this place.

  1. Hi, I want to for kataldhar trek on this weekend 15 Aug-2015 with my friends. I need some help. We are going by train to lonavla, so we have to walk from lonavla to Kataldhar? or can we go by auto till starting point of trek ? and then walk! can you tell me the point where vehicles can go? I read in other blog posts that it is on the same way to Rajamachi trek. But is there landmark where to start descending the valley to find waterfall?

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