Vairatgad Trek

Trekking is addictive and contagious. More people joining in, our group has gotten bigger. So for this one, we were 6 of us. Also, since there were no options from Explorers for this weekend, we decided to try out a new trekking group from Pune – Giridarshan who surely did not make us feel good enough to trek again with them (We may still but it wasn’t an exhilarating experience for sure). For starters, when we gathered around for a round of introduction and instructions, the organizer started in Marathi. As I am from Bangalore and a really slow learner of new languages, I requested her to communicate using Hindi/English. The response I got was shocking. 3 to 4 people from the trek group immediately got defensive, shot disapproving looks at me and asked the speaker to continue in Marathi. It took me a while to understand what happened but whatever it was, the treatment was surely hostile.

While trekking though, when conversations were one on one, they were friendly and communicated with us in Hindi and English but I guess in a group, they preferred Marathi.

The trek was very simple and took us not more than 45 minutes to reach the peak in spite of multiple breaks. Even though we were disappointed about the rain (not a drop of rain), the view from various plateaus were beautiful. A spacious temple on top acted as a place for the rest to lunch. We though had carried eggs, and chose to sit under a tree. The high point of the trek was Chimney Climbing. There was this narrow vertical rock patch where you have to go down/climb up like you would in a chimney. Once down, the small rocky stretch nice place where you can chill for a bit.

On our way back, though the descend was quick but we managed to take some good pics! All in all, a simple yet fun trek.

Trek Details:

Date: Jul 1, 2012
Time: 7AM PM to 4:00 PM
Place: Vairatgad, Near Wai, Maharashtra
Organisers: Giri Darshan

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