Rayakottai Trek with Bangalore Ascenders

It took me exactly 6 months to take that step towards finding a group in Bangalore to trek with. Luckily, Pradeep joined my team and he happens to be an avid trekker. Constant exchange of stories led us to Bangalore Ascenders and with them to Rayakottai.


First of all, this is an extremely economical trek. Rs. 100 is all we had to shell out. On reaching Majestic Railway station, we boarded the train at around 7:15 AM. With the help of GPS, we got down at the right station and met with BASC (Bangalore Ascenders) guys there. After a quick round of signing some forms and grabbing a bite, we started our walk towards the hill through this small town. A trekker always looks for road less travelled, so walking on constructed road only increased my impatience to reach the base of the hill and start hiking.


The trek itself of Rayakottai is quite simple. But we tried to turn it up a notch by indulging ourselves in some Chimney Climbing, jumping boulders, crawling through cave like formations and walking on really narrow walls with nothing but a deep valley on the other side. I knew I wasn’t in great form because I haven’t really been trekking regularly but this one was quite a cake walk. But a fun cake walk 🙂


The best part of this trek for me was the grand entry into fantasy land. You’ll at this one spot where there is this mud wall with a door like opening and as you enter, hundreds of butterflies fly towards you as though welcoming you into their home. Butterflies of all colours – Red, Bright Yellow, Bright Green, Bright Blue, Brown, Grey, Black. It was out of this world.


The next thing I really enjoyed was Chimney Climb. Two boulders on either sides, the way to climb this one is to use your legs and your shoulder strength and push yourself up. I instead put all my weight in the hands of a fellow trekker who has to pull me up using all his strength. Bummer. But with all the motivation they gave me, I managed to go down without using any physical help but much coaxing! Thank you Rajesh, Anvesh and DK 🙂

We stopped enroute for a Jackfruit break. Good amount of glucose ensured we bravely marched towards the peak without taking too many breaks on the way. We did not spend too much time at the peak as there is no shade and it was around 12 in the afternoon. We started our descend and stopped at this cave where we all spoke a bit about ourselves as we shared all the food we had carried, with each other.


The best thing about going with a group is we all have one thing in common – The passion to trek. And that immediately connects you with your fellow trekkers and you start sharing various trek stories and pictures with each other.


The descend after this was really quick. I think we managed to reach the base in 20 minutes. We headed towards the railway station and realised the train was late by an hour. Once we boarded the train, we did not have any seats we could occupy. Worse still, little space to stand. But, in the middle of all this, we played Dumb Charades for 2 full hours.

All in all, I am fully refreshed and recharged for the coming few work days 🙂

Trek Details:

Location: Rayakottai, Tamil Nadu

Date: 30th Jun 2013

Group: Bangalore Ascenders

Cost: Rs. 100 (Carried our own food)

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