Rajgad – A truly royal fort!

6 months back, I decided to move back to Bangalore. I enjoyed Pune so much, made such great friends and developed a new passion, a passion for treks. And so, my friends decided to give me a farewell I’d like – One last trek together. At that point we never knew we enjoyed each other’s company so much and traveling so much more that we would travel every now and then to meet and explore a new place together. Most of my trips in the last 6 months have been with these guys. But, the only constant is change and one more from this group is relocating and moving out of Pune and we couldn’t think of any other way to say goodbye. So, we decided to trek, one last trek before he moves out 🙂 And hence Rajgad happened!!!

After checking out a lot of options, we, on Aishwarya’s word, finalised on Rajgad and we are delighted about the choice. This trek had a lot of things which gave us body pain which meant it was a great trek! I travelled from Bangalore to Pune on Friday evening.  We did all the city stuff on Saturday – Bowling, Gokarting, Pictionary, Shopping, Eating out at Mall, Eating by the road side and walking on the beautiful Koregaon Park roads.

We started our 40 km drive on Sunday morning at 8. After having a sumptuous breakfast at a restaurant on the highway, we started our hike at 10:45 AM. I was not wearing my hunter shoes, Amit was in a wrong slippery pair, Aishwarya’s hunter shoes were big by one size. So we were prepared to have a lot of FALLS.

As we went on our own and not with professional organisers, we stopped where we wanted to, clicked way too many pictures and enjoyed the trek a lot more. Initially it was cloudy but during the second half it rained which only made the experience even better. On our way, we met this adorable old woman who served us Nimboo Sharbath (Lemonade) and chit chatted with us.


After hiking in Kudremukh, this trek was a welcome exertion. The only thing we needed to do was hike. Absolutely no worries about leeches :p At one point, we took a break and clicked some amazing jumpshots! As we were all lazy, none of us had carried any food for this trek. But at a distance, we could see people gathered around one point and as Zoheb said, they all looked happy which meant, there must be someone serving food 🙂 And as that as our motivation, we hiked more and were blessed with Pitla Bhakri and Poha!


Almost a heart!


We played some games here before exploring the fort. The exploration part was usually a 60 to 90 degree climb but with railings on either sides. After reaching the peak where the visibility was not more than 10 feet, we started our journey back home. By now, rain had made the path slippery and slushy. The descend was relatively slower for me, someone who is sort of scared of falling but Aishwarya and Anshul ran through the entire path and reached 40 minutes ahead of us.


It felt great to be trekking around Pune once again and specially because of the monsoons. I look forward to more treks in Maharashtra with friends who will continue to stay in Pune and friends who are moving out. It is but obvious by now that distance is not really a concern 🙂

Before and After

Trek Details:

About Rajgad: Rajgad (literally meaning Royal Fort) is one of the forts of Maharashtra state in India. Situated in the Pune district, the fort is 1318 meters above sea level.

Date: Jul 7, 2013



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