The love of my life – Pearlie

IMG_8954My dad used to hate dogs. My mom, brother and I love them! Every time we put forward the proposal of getting one home, my father would shoot it down. Then, one day, Blacky came into our lives. She is an Indian Mongrel living on the streets of Banashankari 2nd Stage and a darling of over 2-3 lanes. The entire neighbourhood loved her. Why wouldn’t they. She was kind, happy and supplied unconditional happiness to every person she met. We all wanted to feed her. But she had a weak tummy. Yet, to not hurt us, when we gave her some chapatis, dosas, she would politely pick up the food with her mouth, hide it somewhere in an empty site nearby and come back to play. Over weeks, we knew if her nose was muddy, she is not hungry. My dad too grew fond of her.

When we shifted to a different locality, it obviously meant no Blacky anymore. But we loved dogs, so without asking anyone in the house, a friend of mine and I through known people happened to meet this white ball of fur who at that instance entered our lives. She was 26 days old. I knew nothing about bringing up puppies and so, we brought this little labrador on my friend’s bike, me sitting behind and holding the quivering thing dearly.

One month old Pearlie

One month old Pearlie

When my brother first saw her, he couldn’t help but take her in his hands. My mom’s first thought was how to feed her. My dad came home and saw her sleeping and had no choice but to accept her as a member of the family. We quickly went to a store and picked up some toys and chew sticks (she was too small for everything we got that day). A day later, we took her to a vet who told us all the do’s and don’ts.

Pavan and Pearlie on skateboard

Pavan and Pearlie on skateboard

When it came to picking a name, brother said Ginger, I said Mishti and we finally agreed on Pearl! From that day to now, Pearlie has brought so much laughter, love, happiness, bonding to our family. When we all sit together and talk, one of the main topics in Pearlie. She sits in the middle and listens and when she knows we are not talking about her, she starts to get uneasy.

She does that when she loves what we do :)

She does that when she loves what we do 🙂

For 2 months, we were not allowed to take her out. Like kids, puppies too are vulnerable. So, I waited, and the day she completed 2 months, we took her to a park with my talented neighbour who clicked some awesome pics. For Pearlie, it was like she was in wonderland running from pillar to post

Anything to play with

Anything to play with

With her pet :)

With her pet 🙂

Living in the moment ;)

Living in the moment 😉

In one and a half months, she is going to be a 3-year-old.

Pearlie is a hyper active dog with so much of energy that sometimes she has no clue what to do with it. One day, when she was 5-6 months old, we accidentally left the house gate open. She started running from one side of the road to the other at lightning speed giving us no chance to chase her/stop her. Luckily for some time there were no vehicles on the road. After a while, a car almost ran over her but happened to stop by a touch that made her lose her grip and fall. We all had our hearts in our mouth but guess what Pearlie did. She got up and was about to start running again. Thankfully my brother overpowered her and brought her back home.

At her friend's birthday party (Phoebe's - Another lab in the neighbourhood)

At her friend’s birthday party (Phoebe’s – Another lab in the neighbourhood)

When she was tiny, she would easily slip through grills in the gate. On one such day, when we were not watching, she slipped out and created a traffic jam

We love each other

We love each other

Sometimes she gets very attention seeking and would not stop barking. At such instances, we punish her by closing the main door behind her. Guess what she does. She comes and tries to knock, in the process locks us in. On one such day, my cousin who stays 10 minutes away from our house had to come and open the door thanks to Pearlie who had happily locked my parents in. We have now stuffed all the latch holes with paper.

One of our fights :)

One of our fights 🙂

She is madly in love with Maya, a female dog who lives on the parallel road. She forgets she is a female dog and climbs on her. Maya quietly sits down as Pearlie runs around her showing her love in the only way she knows how to. She has more dog friends, Mili and her family who live on another neighbouring street. Every day, they have a play session running all over the street.

Pearlie has more friends in the locality than maybe the rest of us put together. Kids in the opposite house come and play with her almost every day. A woman stops by to pet Pearlie every evening on her way to work. Kids cycling down the street call out her name and Pearlie would come running and sit next to the gate so they can pet her. The family staying opposite ours has requested us to send her to their place for a sleep over. They have promised to let her sleep on their bed 🙂 One day, there was a stranger in our living room, maybe a thief with Pearlie right next to him, wagging her tail waiting for him to maybe finish stealing and play with her.

Pearl with Saachi

Pearl with Saachi

As a kid, she would scratch all over my hands. Every day I would go to office with new wounds but feeling proud of each one of them. I lost count of the number of tops, Kurtis, shoes she ruined when she was teething. One day she jumped at my mom and tore her sari. Another day she pulled the leash so hard that she almost broke my dad’s finger. He came home with a black thumb and smiling and showing it to us saying “Look what Pearlie did to me”

Sunbathing :P

Sunbathing 😛

Pearlie is one of the main reasons I bought a car. How else can I take this hyper one around? And she loves her drives with her face outside the window. Last month we had to leave her alone for 3 days as we were all going on a temple visit. So, we managed to leave her with this really helpful friend. When we came back, she wouldn’t talk to anyone in the house (except me… which made me happy :p). My mom was not allowed to touch her, she wouldn’t look at any of them in the eye, and she did not want to eat. The drama queen that she is finally got back to her loving self in the evening when my brother took her for a run.

Waiting for her treat

Waiting for her treat

Pearlie greets you every time she meets you with so much love that even a lousy day becomes a great one. She behaves like she hasn’t seen you in 10 years. She waits for you at the door when you are out or when you are sleeping with your door locked or when you are in the loo! She gets irritated when you try to touch your gadgets. I think she hates them coz you spend more time touching that and not her.

Sleepy eyes

Sleepy eyes

Pearlie almost talks. She has her ways to let us know what she wants. She gets the leash in her mouth when she wants to go out for a walk, gets her ball when she wants to play, pushes your hand with her nose when she wants petting, gives out one bark and licks her lips when she is hungry, a half-hearted bark when she feels you are not giving her any attention. Without words, she is a perfectionist at communication!

As she waits

As she waits

I started this post with a thought of sharing how Pearlie has improved my life but I think the serious stuff I’ll push to some other blog. That’s Pearlie for you. the love of my life 🙂

10 thoughts on “The love of my life – Pearlie

  1. Vachana …. I must tell you this is the most cute and a lovely post. Animals are so beautiful and unconditional when it comes to be a part of ones life. It reminds me of bunty , although i used to see him every summer vacation during my childhood, those moments are still afresh. He was always one of us and the most loved. Very inspiring in many ways to me and a beautiful message to all who keep away such amazing creations of god. Indeed a lovely post. Cheers to you. And lots of kisses to perlie

  2. I came here after reading Life without Pearl. I haven’t a canine friend at home but I meet numerous during treks, some of whom accompany us for the entire treks, which can mean two-three days as well. I couldn’t bring myself to like that post and at the same time, know that any comment isn’t probably going to help deal with the loss, so I am not going to do that.
    But this beautiful account of the 26 day old to 3 year old Pearl’s life, I can imagine the kind of happiness she brought into your family. Lovely girl 🙂

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