5 habits that’ll make you travel all through the year

I meet friends – the kinds you meet once in a while and catch up over a nice cup of tea about all the drama, good and bad in our lives, and they tell me that as much as they are happy about all my treks and trips. They tell me that it looks so fancy from the outside, with all the social media updates and the blogs. They tell me they wish to travel a lot more too but.. With that but starts a list of reasons.

Forget the 22 part. Age is just a number!!!

Forget the 22 part. Age is just a number!!!

I am writing this blog to urge all friends of mine to not give in to those reasons and see the world because like he says in Into the Wild – The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.


Travel bug bit me really hard about 2 years ago, when I shifted to Pune, a city absolutely new to me with no friends, very few relatives, a rented bachelor pad, new job, all alone – COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone. When you are in this situation, I guess, you develop a new hobby and I chose travel. I was blessed with great colleagues who loved travel too and blessed with an undying spirit to travel and experience the new. Some of the habits we inculcated which made us travel throughout the year.

Travel at the drop of a hat

After a late night party, a few us spoke about what to do next. Someone suggested to drive up to Naneghat – They said the sunrise is beautiful from there as the clouds open up to show the valley. Within an hour, we had booked a Qualis and started our drive to Naneghat. It took longer than expected, we reached after the sun had risen, some of us threw up because of the ghats and bad roads but what an experience it was to take off just like that. Human life should be filled with new experiences to keep the soul alive and this sure shook my entire system up!


Fill your weekends with travel


2012 was supposed to be my travel year – I said 52 weekends – at least 50 new places. This meant planning for a trek/trip almost throughout the year. You need to dedicate a few hours, a bit of your money to travel every month. I would start planning on Tuesday for the upcoming weekend if it’s a trek or maybe a month in advance if it’s a big trip. While planning involve all your co-trekkers/travelers. My travel friends were such sweethearts, they were as excited as me or more about the 50 places resolution and most of the credit goes to them for making it happen.


Make travel friends on the go


It’s easiest to make friends on treks than anywhere else. Like minded people with all the time in the world to talk as they too are ascending/descending the mountain with you. You know your kind soon. I met Aishwarya, Amit and Mark on different treks and we all went on a common trek where they became friends too. See, that’s the thing about treks. Your network amplifies before you know and you have new best friends across the country or even globe.


Share your travel stories


I love sharing stories. My friends know that. I think I have stopped bugging them with my stories as I have blogging as my outlet. People who love travel will read it and so will people who love me. And for my closest bunch, they still get a call and detailed narration about the happenings. I love sharing my experiences as that is the best way I know to express myself. It also helps me create memories I can come back to sometime in future. And if someone, anyone takes inspiration and decides to travel more, it would totally be worth it!

Choose your wallet size


The good thing about travel is, you can choose how economical or luxurious you want it to be. I always choose to be economical. that way, I could travel more. Affordable hotel rooms, travel by train/bus, trek (cheapest way to see new places), go with groups, make one day travel plans. However small or big.. You ARE traveling and traversing from one mountain to another, from one dream to another, from one sunset to another, filling your life with endless new experiences.

A really affordable treehouse in Dandeli

A really affordable treehouse in Dandeli

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