Telling myself – Write

Write when your heart’s feeling lost coz in words, you may find answers to your wandering thoughts

Write when you feel low as words may help you realise that things are not that bad after all

Write when you are scared coz sometimes, it’s best to share it with yourself than the world

Write when you are worried and deal with your thoughts yourself

Write when you feel like sharing, to experience the pleasure of giving shape to your thoughts with well woven words

Write when you feel like sharing and learn to understand yourself better

Write when you are happy as the beautiful thoughts that you give to the world goes to the happiness pool

Write when you are grateful as you realise life has been so good and kind to you

Write when you have nothing to write. Maybe this too is a way of meditation!

4 thoughts on “Telling myself – Write

  1. captures every reason I have been writing over the years! It felt really good reading this post – could relate to it closely 🙂

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