Travel tips after a 10 day Bali holiday

Book flight tickets 4-6 months in advance. Open your search from day 1 in incognito window(Ctrl+Shift+N) so the site cannot track your search and increase the prices.

We used AIRBNB and for our stay and loved the options we found.

Buy Lonely Planet Bali Guide. You will thank me for this tip 🙂

You will find information on stay, restaurants, beaches, things to do on Meh the sheep. It’s a once stop shop really!

Hire a cab when you have to travel over 70-100 kms. The cabbies are extremely friendly and will recommend stuff to do (Made – +62 897 3961240).

Made with us at the airport :)

Ride around towns you stay at on bikes you get for hire. The prices vary between 50000IDR (Quick conversion 50000/200 – Rs. 250) to 60000IDR. Petrol price at a bunk is 7000IDR and if you buy it on the street is 8000IDR.

Clearly, the bikes are too small for us :)

Do not stick to South Bali and Ubud. There is so much to see and do when you drive the length and breadth of this tiny island.

Morning at Mayo, Seririt

 Treat yourself to Balinese cuisine when you get a chance. Nasi Goreng, Nasi Campur, Gado Gado, Sagar Ayam, Nasi Panggang are must try dishes and must repeat dishes!

You know what I'm talking about now? :)

Experience the temples. Each of them have something new to offer. Though visitors are not allowed inside the worshiping area, you will love being there.

Tirrta Ganga

The story goes that every family builds a temple, you along with your siblings build another, your extended family(cousins et al) build another, your community builds another. This makes Bali an island with most number of temples in the world. You will see these temples wherever you go. Admire the story behind the sheer number of temples you see!

You will definitely meet a Putu, Made, Nyoman, Ketut. The first son of a house is Putu, 2nd Made, 3rd Nyoman and 4th Ketut. If they have more kids, the names repeat. Relate to the names and strike a conversation!

That's Ketut

Balinese love Indians, Bollywood movies and Mahabarata and Ramayana. You will see their eyes light up when they know you are from India. You will make their day if you can carry some souvenirs for them from here. (We didn’t 😦 )

Balinese are followers of Hinduism and Buddhism. The children of Bali are taught to respect nature, to care for it and worship it. Through my trek, I saw Ketut pick up stuff littered by tourists on the mountain and stuff it in his bag! I thought this is a very cool thing to teach kids.

If you plan to go to Lembongan, book your ferry from Sanur atleast a day in advance.

Stay at atleast one Balinese house to experience their culture. Book through AIRBNB.

Balinese House in Mas Village near Ubud

Pickup a local sim card as soon as you reach. It helps to have GPS handy.

Wifi is available everywhere. Well, this is just info!

Come back dreaming of going back to Bali, setting up a restaurant and living there for the rest of your life 🙂

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Detailed travel itinerary 1 & 2

6 thoughts on “Travel tips after a 10 day Bali holiday

  1. Thanks for sharing, Vachana. I’m looking forward to visit Bali. Could you please email me the cost and detailed itinerary? Much appreciated. Keep writing 🙂

    1. Hi Praveen, There are 2 more posts with my extremely detailed itinerary. Please search for Bali on my blog and you will find 5 posts 🙂 Read them when you’re feeling really patient because they are lengthy 🙂

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