Bali – Notes to myself


While we were in Bali, I’d wake up before Jeevan on most days and spend some time by myself. I am known to introspect a lot and when I did, I wrote those thoughts down. Stumbled upon those notes today and would like to share with you, what I saw and how that made me feel. This is a no picture blog. I hope you enjoy reading it 🙂

Aug 16 – Seririt – I walked the beach, watching the sunrise, trying to capture some stills of the rocks on black sand, of sunrise and the boat, of sea shells and the sea.

I am still on the beach, with a cat by my side, trying to rub his ears against my legs, I’m sitting on this white chair under a white umbrella, the setting feels perfect as it’s against the blackness of the ground and orange and blueness of the sky.

Something about the sound of waves that’s so calming isn’t it. In all that volatility we find peace, in so much action we find stillness of mind, human brain is an ironic place!

Oh I haven’t mentioned the clouds. The ones right below the sun. They look like a world of their own, rays passing through them creating an illusion of the sky being connected with the sea.

Aug 16 – Seririt – In the Balinese culture they believe that the earth, nature is a part of existence and it needs to be respected and worshiped. Such a beautiful thought to instill in children right from the beginning. Teaching them to care for nature.

People here are so friendly and happy all the time. The way they speak, the extent to which people go to help you. There are good vibes in the air everywhere! You realise one doesn’t need much to be happy. We all need to learn to be content I guess!

This place where we are now amazes me. It’s black sand beach in the front, mountains at the back with paddy fields in front of them. I mean that’s way too many things in one place.

Got a Balinese massage done today. Felt so good. Wanna get one more done before we come back. Once I’m back in Bangalore, I’ll miss the ocean for sure. Will miss waking up to the sound of waves, having dinner listening to the sea.

I swam some more today and got a little better at it. I’m enjoying the process so far! There is so much more to tell but my eyes are burning and I’m gonna crash.

Aug 19 – Ubud

I’m sitting in the veranda facing the paddy fields (already harvested 😦 ) listening to birds, crickets clearing their throats in the morning.

We reached Ubud yesterday. Actually we are staying at mas village which is 3kms from central Ubud. I was slightly disappointed by the distance to Ubud but considering we will be hiring a bike I’m guessing it should be OK.

It’s like a super high-end café street at Ubud. So far, we had traveled to the non-touristy areas and had the most amazing food at really affordable and authentic places and now this place feels pretentious and pricey.

Having said that there is a lot to do around. At least that’s what the guide-book says. So let’s see.

Aug 20

I completed the trek (Mt. Batur) in less than 2 hours. Wasn’t too complicated. But the terrain was different. As it is an active volcano with over 5 eruptions in the past, its just volcanic rock and sand everywhere. But the sunrise is to die for. I did this alone and I lovedddddd the experience. I had a guide just for me (it’s compulsory) who made me breakfast on top and sang Hindi songs while descending. Indonesians love Indians.

From there we went to a restaurant on a hill which offered a beautiful view of Lake Batur.

Then we went to Sanur to book our ferry for tomorrow. The beach is so beautiful. Felt sad we did not stay there 😦 found a kickass restaurant with great beach-side ambiance and not so great food.

I’m in the open area again facing the paddy fields watching the sunset.

I am gonna miss Bali. It feels like home. The people, the food, the places. It’s all so good. Life would be perfect if I can open a restaurant here and settle down.

Aug 22 – Lembongan

I’m sitting on the beach, facing the sea, looking at boats, sea weed farms, a photographer who is serious enough to get into water to take his best shots, a mother walking the beach with her 1-year-old. It is so quiet here. Water is 10 feet away from me but the waves are starting at least a kilometre from here. I’m sitting here trying to soak it all in, trying to capture so many memories before we hit the rut again. When I thought of when I will get time to sort all pictures, the answer was next weekend and I thought I have to wait for 5 days to pass by for that to happen. Isn’t it funny that we actually hope 5 precious days of our lives fly by so we get time to do what we love. Why can’t each day be something we look forward to with much zeal. I read a quote at a restaurant yesterday – it’s a beautiful day, don’t let it fly away!

It’s sad what humans have made of this life. Instead of preaching follow your heart, they said follow your career or whatever it is that helps make money. So then you are stuck coz u can’t do without it.

There is so much beauty in this world and even if you spend each day just exploring, there will still be places on this earth left that you haven’t seen. Now that’s some life to have led!

My vacation is coming to an end. They say travel changes you. Maybe it makes you what god wanted you to be. Humble, with a heart that seeks new experience every day, a mind that is at peace because of novelty, eyes that are sparkling with excitement, lungs that are happy with the freshness of air, tummy satiated with the goodness of great food, legs that will not admit of being tired, and brain waiting for newer conversations!

I think what has made Bali so unique is the people, when you see them, you realise they are content with what they have and they are happy and they want to share that happiness with you, the beauty of Bali with you, the culture and stories of Bali with you!

Aug 23

We take the ferry back in a few hours. And the flight to KL after that. Back in Bangalore by 1030 PM India time.

I have made peace with the fact that this trip has come to an end. Realisation struck that all good things would. I’m back on the beach one last time writing one last time from Bali, until next time.

Aug 24

My morning view of vastness is replaced by a dead-end called cubicle, yet, I am in good spirits coz the experiences I have carried with me of this beautiful place are countless!

5 thoughts on “Bali – Notes to myself

  1. Wonderful Blog Vachana.. Loved reading it e.. Felt like watching a movie while reading it.. Beautiful thoughts 🙂

  2. Sure 🙂 many places are in the list already 🙂 you should also plan for the monsoon trek around Pune

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